What price paradise – review

The waitress stopped at their table again. “You folks ready to
order now?”
“Yes,” Tate said, his gaze still holding Abby’s. “I want at least
four kids. Doesn’t matter what flavor.”



Tate McCullom is a respectable and responsible man: he runs the family’s ranch, takes care of his little brother and is engaged with his childhood girlfriend. But after a night of drinking, he has a one-night stand with Abby, a woman he barely knows. Six weeks later, Tate finds out that Abby is pregnant with his baby.

Tate feels that it’s his duty to take care of her and the baby, so he suggests getting married, even though this involves sacrificing his relationship with Diane, the woman he loves. At first, Abby is determined to refuse, but the fact that she is penniless makes her situation even more difficult, so she accepts his proposal.

But, can they be happy in their marriage if Tate continues feeling guilty and responsible for abandoning Diane?

What price paradise by Katherine Allred – book review

I found What Price Paradise by chance, as a recommendation on goodreads and my initial thought, after seeing the cover, was to skip it. But I was drawn by the synopsis, so I gave it a chance without having too high expectations. Well, I liked it so much, that after reading it, I was googling in my browser “books similar to What Price Paradise”. Also, thanks to this book, I discovered “The sweet gum tree“, one of my favourite romance books. So, don’t let yourself be fooled by the cover and give this book (and this author) a try.

Many readers interpreted What price paradise as a story of unrequited love, but for me it was more a story of unspoken and misunderstood feelings. I can’t fully develop this statement because I risk giving too many spoilers, but you will understand once you read the novel.

Katherine’s writing style is engaging. The world that she depicts in this story is vivid and captivating. I loved reading about the ranch and about the animals. My favourite scene from the book is when Tate shows Abby the nest of the barn swallows; I perceived that scene as a symbol for their relationship.

Even though I liked the main characters, I blamed Tate for many of his actions and I was frustrated with some of his choices, but let’s say that, in the end, he atoned for his sins. Abby on the other hand, is my favourite female book character. I appreciated so much her modesty, her strength and her common sense. She was sweet, responsible, hardworking and patient (maybe too patient sometimes). It was painful to read about how she was perceived by the community, but I was happy later when she bonded with Buddy and Joe.

“And yet, you let me in that night. Why, Abby? I’ve tried to figure
it out. Why then? Why me?”
Tears misted her eyes but she blinked to clear them before they
could spill over. “Because you needed me,” she whispered. “No one
had ever needed me before. You were the only one who’d ever
treated me halfway decent. And maybe a little because I was lonely,

Tate and Abby

The storyline of What Price Paradise is pretty light, with low angst. There are also some funny moments which lighten the mood: Abby working around the ranch, or Buddy plotting with Joe. The secondary characters are great, Buddy is the best brother-in-law, I liked the friendship he formed with Abby.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy marriage of convenience and accidental pregnancy tropes.