All rhodes lead here – review

“The people we lose take a part of us with them… but they leave a part of themselves with us too.”



Aurora wants to start her life over, after some unpleasant events took place. This is the reason why she ends up returning, 20 years later, to the town where she grew up. Pagosa Springs is a beautiful town in Colorado, surrounded by mountains, but most importantly by the memories of her childhood spent with her mother. Her purpose is to do some of the hikes that her mother had written about in her journal.

That’s how she ends up renting a studio apartment in Pagosa. Things start to get interesting the moment she meets her landlord, Tobias Rhodes, a very grumpy 42-year-old man.

All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata – book review

My first read of Mariana Zapata was The Wall of Winnipeg and Me which I liked, but not as much as All Rhodes Lead Here. I liked the last one better because, in this book, I was able to better keep track of the male character’s feelings throughout the book. I enjoy reading books written by Mariana Zapata, but in most cases it is difficult for me to identify the moment when the hero begins to fall for the heroine. Tobias Rhodes was an easier to understand character than the rest of the heroes in Zapata’s books.

All Rhodes Lead Here is a light read, with no angst, even though at some point the narrator brings into discussion some sad topics, such as the death / disappearance of a loved one. I liked the way the author built the relationship between Tobias and Aurora; everything felt natural and real. Tobias is the typical character in Mariana Zapata’s books: grumpy, quiet, distrustful, bossy, unaproachable, and most important, very good looking. Aurora is in many ways the opposite of Tobias: she is talkative, clingy and loves to be hugged. Tobias and Aurora are one of my favourite grumpy-sunshine couples.

Amos, Tobias’ son, is “la pièce de résistance” of this book. He is the most lovable character. I enjoyed so much his bashfulness and also the development of his friendship with Aurora. My favourite scene in the book is when Amos and Rhodes go after Ora to bring her home:

“You gotta come back.”
“Come back?” I echoed like I’d never heard those words before.
“Home,” they said at the same time.

I recommend this book to readers who love romance books with:

  • nice, cozy, secluded places surrounded by mountains;
  • grumpy-sunshine couple;
  • age gap relationship (Tobias is 42 and Aurora is 33);
  • single parent (Tobias is the father of a 16-year-old boy);
  • slow burn (like all the other books written by this author).